Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In The Moment of Technology, Fashion and Change ... The Magical iPad

"Chronology is styled by Cathy Edwards, and in an innovative fusion of inspiration and instant gratification, the looks seen on Boscono are available on Net-a-Porter, which is debuting a version of the film today (while NOWNESS hosts the director’s cut).  “Short film is a way to capture the imagination of our clients,” says Loehnis. Guadagnino does this and more—with its rich palettes and flashes of surrealism, Chronology ignites our desire for the textured, glamorous folds of fall. A closer encounter with the fashion in the film can be seen here."

This fairytale/art film/fashion story from will be seen on by about 3,000,000 viewers this month. 

The Row, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's fashion collection (which is reasonably close to perfection; and their leather legging is probably an absolute necessity), has the fall video on the website (link here). As you watch the video the items shown will be immediately underneath and you can click and buy.

Fashion + Technology = iPad

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  1. Caution: this video may induce intense credit card usage! lol


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