Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gary Graham #NYFW Summer '11

Gary Graham's collection of defiantly fragile, beautiful fabrics that are made into vulnerable pieces made me think of something I saw at an art opening last night at Julienne Johnson's Ashes for Beauty show.

... to communicate what I cannot communicate with words; what I need to say about it all, what's going on in the world around us, what I cannot fix; what I wish I could make different with my paint, or clay, or wood, metal or the sledge hammer  my husband gave me, I work desperately hard at it all - hands first ... It takes a whole lot of passion and persistence when you are trying so desperately to trade ASHES FOR BEAUTY.

Gary Graham NYC website link here.


  1. Pure art!


  2. I really like this. The third one is my favorite.

    I love how you described it as "defiantly fragile". I agree!


  3. Ah, Zabrinah ... defiantly fragile in love ... EVERYONE need to read you daily.

  4. Ashes for beauty - it sounds very powerfull...
    I missed your Blog so very much and so happy to be back and visiting again.:-))) I am looking forward to catching up on everything that I missed during my very busy Summer.:-) WIshing you wonderful weeke ahead.


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