Sunday, September 12, 2010

Falling In Love With Duckie Brown: #NYFW Summer '11

Duckie Brown men's collection: Piece by grungy, happy piece, along with some old school black Raybans, this is fashion. And piece by piece disassembled, hipster/nerd/agent/writer/p/a/hedgie/dreamer/accountant ... something here for every archetype. Textiles and shape, friendly and quite usable. Long shirts, tunics really, and I'm thinking of Alexander Godunov and Jacqueline Bisset, Nureyev and Martha Graham. Gentlemen's fabrics awry. The early mood of Jean Paul Gaultier in his very first collection, taking classic LaCoste and twisting, pushing it to chiffon with mile long sleeves, his almost bespoke navy jackets - with cutout backs and silk ticking lining showing. The first Armani mens collection that sold out of the box, wrinkled linen jackets unlined. I like these men a lot .. they're the smart ones that used to be skater boys. Poets/dreamers/lovers and the kind that get all the cute girls, especially when they roll their cuffs up.

Falling in love with these ... website link here.  Daniel Silver and Steven Cox are the designers and they're pretty cute too.


  1. but the clothes are whatever you want of them ... and perfect for Jackson: I stick him in the sort of Ludicrus Brookes Brothers thing to effect this.

    LOVE these clothes.

  2. Get that book written - no one can make fashion sound as poetic as you do, and yes VERY Jackson!

  3. Julie's so Jackson; love these pieces and the guys who can wear them.


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