Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Burberry, Burberry .. An Urban Summer '11

Christopher Bailey and Burberry are like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ... just so perfect, not much to say, did it again. The immediacy of ordering from the runway with deliveries in six weeks is something fast fashion managed. Very fine designer clothes with the waiting for textiles and then limited production runs meant shops would leave orders in October for deliveries beginning at the end of January until the end of March, even the end of April. Immediacy ... really? These are seriously fine clothes. But that's not the point of fashion. That's just business.

Urban cool, maybe it's androgynous just a soupcon (I don't know where the little punctuation things are on my keyboard, sorry). I like the boys and the girls who can wear Burberry with a little nonchalance and all that classic memory just imbued into the fiber. I'm loving mens clothes this year, this and Ducky Brown. There are girls that just rocked these looks - Bianca Jagger, Lauren Hutton, Betty Catroux, Tina Turner, Carly Simon. Actually Christopher managed the perfect business: the staid image of The Burberry and then the fashion part that's absolutely indie.

It would be nice if it were just The Burberry that had that immediacy thing, I think. Fashion has its own way and six weeks is just a little too just business for me.


  1. I am loving those leather jackets!

  2. Classic, classic and perfect! Nothing beats a Burberry coat or jacket!

  3. the leather jackets totally rock!


  4. just came across your blog..
    the leather jackets are amazing :)
    keep up the good work :)


  5. Miriam, your photography is very beautiful; what an amazing country.

  6. I want the leather jacket on the first photo! ♥

  7. When I went fall shopping, I used Burberry Prorsum as my inspiration. Gotta love the greens, grays, and studs!!!


  8. RG, exactly ... that's the take away. Really worked for men this season and the ladies a tad not as swell.

  9. Oh my that metallic jacket (1st pic) i want one like that!!! someday i'll post a heavy metal style :D but first i need to get a jacket like that one lol

    I want more postsss!!!!



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