Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 Things A Fashionista Should Remember: The Best Guest Post Ever

5 Things A Fashionista Should Remember

I’ve become fascinated by fashion blogs over the past 2 months. Ever since I created my blog, I’ve met some truly great fashionistas who just happen to be intrigued by relationships and the problems that come with them. Subsequently, a wonderful exchange has been going on. While I write about long distance relationships and douchebags, I learn how to properly accessorize a maxi dress or which designer to look out for. Can you imagine that I only discovered what a romper was 2 months ago?! So, this guest post is a tribute to my favorite bloggers in the fashion community. Especially, Madeleine, who has been so patient with me and this guest post. Thanks for inspiring me!

Fashion and love have a lot more in common than you’d ordinarily think. Here are some of those factors.

1. Sweaty Palms and the Stomach Flip. Sometimes clothes bring out a physical reaction from the best of us. It happens. Our hearts race. Our palms sweat. And, oh yes, there might even be a stomach flip. This happens with guys we like, too. My mind may not be too thrilled with him, but my heart is. Why is that? Because the heart and mind LOVE to disagree. Usually because the heart is impulsive, crazy, and half-wrong most of the time, while the mind is too rational, and half-right. They need each other. They need to fight. I’ve come to realize that sweaty palms don’t mean that you belong with him. They aren’t signs from up above, pointing to your soul mate. They have nothing to do with fate. You just have to believe me, especially if this is a guy you know you shouldn’t fall in love with.  

2. Daydreaming. Have you ever imagined having a different life and being a different you, all due to a different wardrobe? I have. I’m talking about intense daydreaming where you see yourself wearing a new article of clothing, and the whole world treats you differently. I have imagined that a simple pair of shoes would CHANGE MY LIFE. No one would ever see me the same way. I’ve daydreamed about guys in the past, as well. Jump to the future, we’d be married with kids, and our respective jobs. I have believed that crushing on some guy tomorrow would change my life. But, this is over-anticipation (due to jealously, low-confidence, or even self-importance). And it happens too often for any of these scenarios to actually be life-changing. These new items, these new crushes, they don’t change much at all—especially if you went after them seeking something that would change your life in the first place.
3. Popularity. There are some items labeled as “Unique Must-Haves.” They’re short-lived items that most people won’t wear forever. Like the powder blue tuxedos of the 70s. Or showing your g-string with your low-rise jeans in the early 2000s (very few people still do this…).  Everybody wants it and commonly accepts it at a specific point in time. There will be times when ALL your friends will be saying, “He’s so hot.” Watch out. This is a complete trap. And though I imagine myself to be a person with a unique mind, able to form my own opinions—a girl who thinks outside the box and doesn’t fall for what everybody else falls for—I still tend to like the guy who’s extremely popular … for no reason other than that. You may start off by saying, “He’s so not my type,” or “I’ll never wear that.” But, do you always stick to your word? Watch out for traps. I’m sure you know that popularity isn’t everything. And popularity surely isn’t sane. We often look back at our clothes, our crushes, our early interests, and wonder, “What was I thinking?”

4. The Little Black Dress. The little black dress has been around forever. Every magazine recommends having one. I first heard about it on a talk show years ago. I sat in front of the TV and watched how one model could show up on the runway 6 different times with 6 different looks—all including the same black dress. I’ve recently discovered that the little black dress is the epitome of the ideal man with all the basic standards you could ever hope for. He’s loyal and reliable. He’s versatile—able to thrive/adapt to any situation and any place, while still staying true to himself. He doesn’t detract from your life, he adds to it. You can do your own thing, and he’ll still be there. He will never go out of trend.

5. Following Trends. Let’s just say that you’re a trend-follower. If you spent five, solid years following trends, at the end of that time, your closet would be a complete mess. The outfits you’d have wouldn’t be a reflection of you. They’d be a reflection of society through the ages and what that particular society expects from you. They'd be a random collection of popular things of the past when you should be living in your present. With guys, when you choose to ignore some of the jerks, douchebags, and big flirts, even when they’re insanely popular at the time, you'll end up much happier with yourself and whoever you do decide to spend some time with it. You’ll have more command over your life. And with guys that are completely wrong for you, it’s alright to notice their admirable qualities. In fact, identify what attracts you to him. Pick and choose those qualities from all your past crushes and add them to your basic standards: like, “He must understand my sense of humor,” for example. What you’re doing is building a classic wardrobe! And there’s nothing better than that.

At the end of the day, men aren’t clothes. They aren’t fashion trends. And you should be able to love one without maxing out your credit card. Guys are human beings. They’re unpredictable, complicated, and terrifyingly simple at the same time. I'm simply an observer. Trying to figure out how life and relationships work. I document my life and show you what to look out for. Thanks for reading this! And thanks for this guest post, Madeleine.

You all need to immediately run to Zabrinah's blog linked here ... How Not To Fall In Love. I'm wickedly addicted, enchanted, nodding my head yes and think everyone NEEDS this. Thank you for this. I think the book will be available sooner than later. Get over to her blog!!


  1. Yay! It's up!

    Thanks for all the compliments, dear!



  2. I couldn't believe that we can really relate fashion with our feeling for guys. But here you are, Zab, making it all possible! I couldn't help not to smile because they are all connected so well (:

    Have a good one, both of you.

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  3. She rocked it!!! LOVE what Zabrinah is doing and with fashion week going on, well ... there are a few things fashionistas need to know.

  4. The little black dress is my favorite. I hope that my daughter and all the other single young ladies will meet a young man similar to the young man that is described using the little black dress.

  5. Such a great post! I am definitely a new follower! ;]


  6. I love to read Zabrinah´s posts... Now she brought me here! ;)

    I´ll be visiting you again.

  7. You picked a great gal to guest post :) She is a handy dandy read and I'm so glad she got a chance to shine. Love the categories!

  8. She is amazing, generous, funny, smart: I'm so delighted to have found her and that she did this, just so happy. This is a classic and will be read and read and read.

  9. Zabrinah's blog is fantastic - so glad to see new folks discovering her writing! :)

  10. Yay Zabrinah! Yes, write your book already! :)

    Love Grace.


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