Sunday, August 22, 2010

Then: What Was I Thinking aka Really Bad Fashion Moments

My own personal Don't Do This series. I loved the navy Yohji Yamamoto vest and skirt, never noticing that one is supposed to wear a few yards of fabric, not miles. The cape was so convenient - just throw it over everything else and I didn't see the resemblance to a pack mule. Not then anyway.
After that is the one in which rather than risk being cold, I apparently decided to put every piece of clothing I'd brought to Europe on. Layers ... peeling them off would have taken quite a long time. The result was rather uncomfortable inside with steam heat and staying awake was about all I could manage. Men's shirts on the tables - I mean really, that wouldn't keep me awake. Not folded politely like that anyway. Oh the taxi lines. Shudder ... usually a line such as this would  provoke the clouds into a brisk downpour.


  1. Love the 'tude in the 3rd photo!

  2. I think we have all had thoughts like this when we look back:)


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