Monday, August 2, 2010

Then: The Fashion Train To Pitti Palace and Missoni

Then: The blankets were soft and the small airplane pillows were starched white linen। Rosenthal china and flight attendants were still stewardesses। The flight was long but you just walked on carrying as much as a donkey and smoked anywhere before turning the light out and settling into a bumpy, dreamless sleep. Charles carried enough bags to need to write down the number of carry- ons, the ones down below too. Octobers and Aprils might be almost tropical in Los Angeles but Europe would be cold, gray and misting. Coats were cumbersome and packing a few boots and winter sweaters and shawls took up so much room. The airlines helped by handing out socks and little cases of essentials: toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, hairbrush (small), hand lotion, cologne.

The flight from Los Angeles to Milan was long and then a small yellow taxi with a broken meter to the train station for the Fashion Train to Florence. Time confusion and deeply tired, checking in to the Excelsior and blinking at the luxury and thinking maybe Harry's Bar would be open. Breakfast in the morning staring at the ceiling frescoes.

We trudged through the Pitti Palace lugging camera bags and coats we'd foolishly not checked. The bright lights contradicted the ancient cement stone floor. Miles of booths on each floor and most were too sturdy for our town. We sorted through a heap of Krizia knits and spotted something more colorful. Picking through rainbow rayons light as a feather we noticed the label: Missoni. Pulling a pile to make an order just as the salesman walked over, placing his hand on the stack. We could have the Missoni pieces if we bought Krizia.

The following season Rosita Missoni sent a car to the Principe to bring us to the factory in Sumirago to work.


  1. More, more, more please - want this in a book to read!

  2. I'm with Julie! See you tomorrow!

  3. Wonderful!..............Phyllis ....

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  5. Qwendy, yes ...

    Phyllis, thanks ... looking forward to your stories.

  6. what a delightful read honey

  7. Beautifully written, darling!
    Love Missoni!



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