Sunday, August 1, 2010

Something Beautiful: Morrocan Wedding Blankets

Morocco ... exotic, glamorous, mysterious, fragrant. My Marrakesh, part Moroccan design treatise and part memoir, is Maryam Montague's book, being published by Artisan Books, spinning off her blog of the same name (link here.) She's a transplanted American living in Morocco with her architect husband and they spent four years living and working in an olive grove to build their boutique hotel Peacock Pavilions (link here.) Think of souks and marketplaces perfumed with saffron and turmeric, camel rides, henna parties, belly dancing, tranquility and beauty, fragrant roses, jasmine, sweet olive, tuberose, citrus trees, mint.

Morocco is also about hand work, ancient crafts. Maryam has collected many, many wedding blankets and more; the pictures are from her collection and are offered for sale (350-550 range). 

"Most weaving with wool is done by women in Morocco. The textiles I sell are almost uniquely vintage and made in a home environment. They were not intended for sale and so have not lost their original beauty in the pursuit of commercialism.

Wool is sacred in Morocco and the act of weaving is thought to bring baraka, or driving blessing to the maker anduser of the textile. So they are all thought to bring good luck! Design of the wedding blankets depends - not always squares but stripes and other designs, depending on the maker. The wool is undyed and so these are organic beauties that blend well with the whole thrust of design these days toward the handmade, the organic, the natural."

I could really use a wish right now.


  1. They are stunning and I can't wait to get my hands on Maryam's book.

  2. Me too. Imagining reading it on a lazy afternoon at her Peacock Pavilion.


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