Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Secret Of Orchids In Los Angeles

Orchids and the price of orchids ... unpredictable. Raffia instead of plastic ties and the price goes up. Fragile and expensive.

Well. Not exactly. On a side street with a balmy breeze near the Fashion District, there is a brand new store. For now the price is two for 10.00. Healthy, sturdy, beautiful and 5.00 a pop.

This wonderfulness is at Orchidsmith which is at 314 East 8th Street, Los Angeles 90014 (213-228-9959)

Fabulous ... at this price, you buy by the dozen.


  1. That is the only thing I can grow here in the Florida Keys that I know for certain it will not die. My house if full of them.

  2. oh, they are my most favorite flowers! thanks so much for your sweet comment!

    yes, it's blogger, and I am always a little unsure about my layout and banner ect...thank you for your compliment on that!

    keep in touch! ;)

  3. I adore orchids - they are such elegant things;-)


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