Friday, August 20, 2010

Kermit Tesoro Unforgettable Shoes

Kermit Tesoro received his fashion diploma this year from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. The work is masterful and challenging, a description that could have been used to describe Alexander McQueen always. Twisting classical references into a realm of art over function requires a level of understanding and vision on what can be that is seldom culled at fashion school. This gift does not always go hand in hand with an easy career in fashion but speaks of fashion as meditation and possibility.

Dreamers lead, not by the unusualness of the creation but the work put into it. Mr. Tesoro's career will not be small.


  1. WOW!! Those are some pretty incredible shoes!!!

  2. Those are pieces of art! If I ever got a pair, I'd probably place it in a frame rather than wear them!

  3. Agreed ... completely amazing in plexi boxes. I have a mental bookmark on Mr. Tesoro; I think rattling our expectations with such elegance bodes well for an amazing career.

  4. Awesome nontheless...some of his collection are being sold via It was a featured accessory for a designer at the London Fashion Week recently...

  5. Anonymous, thank you .. wonderful, very talented, appreciate this


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