Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kermit Tesoro The Interview

You are very talented, doing a version of art and fashion.

I know nothing about you. Just awestruck at your work which may push and prod fashion and inspiration a little faster.

You're young ... were you at fashion or art school? Did you come from a family of artisans that encouraged you?

Yes, I was learning arts in college (University of the Philippines- college of fine arts) and I went to study fashion in our local fashion schools: Fashion Institute of the Philippines and School of Fashion and the Arts. I believe that I still overlap both disciplines (art and fashion) by combining both sensibilities. I’m from a middle class family, and most of them have artistic inclinations that I think was never pursued due to practicality and with our social condition. I think I’m quite lucky that my parents never questioned or doubted my capabilities as an artist.

What is your process? There's so much work in your unusual forms.

My process varies from one project to another. It’s important to learn the whole manner of basic construction before you modify it. That’s why I’m into learning new technologies and its methods. Sometimes I learn by collaborating or just by merely observing things around me.

Are they made to order or is this commercially available.

The commercial side isn’t on my horizons yet. Right now it’s made to order and one thing; I’m just a person operating my line, so it’s quite hard for me to suffice the demands.

Your work will provoke people and many will appreciate you but some will not - how are you handling this.

I always say, there’s no agitation without provocation. No matter how hard or how flattering it may seem to be. The importance of people’s various reactions speaks nothing but recognition. Meaning, they acknowledge the presence of your work.  

Do you think you will stay in the Philippines or move to a more usual fashion capital?

I’m willing to go and explore places. But I will only identify Philippines as my hometown. This is where all my cerebral tendencies came about.

Has Bryanboy sought you out?

I met him once, but that was way way back during the hype of Fluxxe in 2006. He was already Bryanboy and I was just an eccentric beginner…

Is there some language you'd like to include and do you have a website?

I don’t have a website. Clients, friends and followers had me pushing for a site, but it hasn’t been done yet…

I'm very fascinated.

by the way the collection was part of the Philippine Fashion Week not a grad collection for the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, graduated there since 2007. Thank you!

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