Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dermacyte, I Really Do Love It and Then There's The Giveaway

I think Dermocyte is wonderful. I blogged about it a while back, and my relief at absolutely loving the blister packs of oxygenated heaven. And I decided that reviews are too difficult - I would hate to say bad things about something ... unless it was really called for.

Oxygen Biotherapeutics is actually a biotech company working on oxygenated products for brain injury and decompression. Its research and knowledge of oxygen is immense.

I prefer the pump version just released that lets you decide whether its a little dab or plenty; we all have different days. The company kindly sent me these last week and it's wonderful.  The oxygen delivery gives you radiance and softness. It's really lovely. A bit addictive actually.

The company is doing a giveaway for the full size of each product. I'll randomly pick a winner August 30 and contact you for your name and address; the products will be sent directly to you from Dermacyte.

I spoke to the company and asked for a bit of clarification ... their response is below:

Dermacyte was in fact developed as a by-product of the company research an effective delivering oxygen mechanism. The same oxygen carrier that was developed and is being studied for traumatic brain injury as well as decompression sickness is the same oxygen carrier being used in all Dermacyte products.  Our scientist were able to create a cream/emulsion with the oxygen carrier maintaining all its benefits. It really is a unique story and product. To know that the same oxygen carrier is used intravenously to supply oxygen to the brain simply demonstrates how effective that patented oxygen carrier (oxycyte technology) is when it comes to delivering oxygen. It also gives us a unique competitive advantage since we are able to deliver oxygen to the skin without the negative side effects of other oxygen products in the market. For example, natura bisse has an oxygen line. However, they use hydrogen peroxide to delivery oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches, dries and damages the skin.  Dermacyte, in the other hand, does not use any chemical reactions to delivery oxygen. The patented oxygen carrier has the unique ability of sequestering atmospheric oxygen when it comes in contact with the air and delivers it to the skin.

You asked a very good question regarding the loss of oxygenation by switching to pumps. The answer is no. There is no loss of oxygenation. The product only becomes oxygenated when it comes in contact with the atmosphere. This also creates a very unique advantage since there are no issues of the product oxidizing, losing oxygen, or becoming corrosive if not used within certain time frames.


  1. Ooh new skincare -- I love Oxygen -- did you see the tank in the corner of my studio? Maybe I'll win the drawing! XOXO

  2. I'm using Arcona skincare products right now, but this line looks amazing!

  3. Dash, you're entered. Somehow comment moderation was on - just saw this.

    Radiant me.

  4. Qwendy, I did see it and was so curious ...


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