Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear Angelo and Ten Things You Should Know About Angelo DiBiase

Dear Angelo,
I miss you. I really, really miss you.

1. Angelo really did spray our garage with perfume.
2. Angelo could not be pushed into the pool, not even for the 100.00 reward I offered.
3. Angelo really did make more money on Sea of Love than any of the crew and only traveled  to the set in Ellen Barkin's car.
4. Angelo's step-father, Carmen Basilio, made great spagetti.
5. Angelo's mom taught us how to knit; Thursdays became knitting night so we could watch Joyce Heyser on LA Law while Helena whipped up a nice angel hair with sauteed garlic.
6. Angelo sometimes cut hair in our kitchen: I might walk in to see Jimmy Spader's hair on the floor and Lorraine Bracco with Uma Thurman waiting for him.
7. Angelo lived with women. Period. Janet Factor, Janice Dickenson, me.
8. Angelo stayed sober until his AIDS diagnosis.
9. Angelo was actually the first celebrity lifestyle profile on the E channel.
10. Angelo was my best friend and I miss him every day.

Opening night on Sunset Plaza and yes, we ran out of champagne.


  1. Forever around in our hearts! xo

    P.S. LOVE the pics

  2. Forever ... Charla Krupp messaged back to my congrats note that she thinks of him every day.

    '80's hair, argggh.

  3. hiii ^^
    Your blog is very very nice,
    I like it ;)
    pls come on my,I'm new one ! :)
    And I love your way of writing posts ;)

  4. I miss Angelo. Favorite Peeson.He left us to soon.


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