Monday, August 2, 2010

Because You Have To Give Back and Should Love Taffeta Darlings

Stacy Lomman does dressmaker fashion, the kind that is about textiles and details as well as fashion. This is a business and the costs of being in it can scoot straight up. It's a wonderful thing to give back and support as you can in this quixotic industry. On my list of breathless clothes is a particular tweed dress of hers that is nonchalant, classic and yet vavavoom. Lifted entirely from her wonderful blog (link here.)


I'm very excited to report that I'm making progress with my Spring 2011 Collection!  While I've been trying to work miracles with the physical work (designing, sewing, planning, etc.), friends, and even people I've never met before, have been rallying behind me working the financial side of things.  I'm so full of gratitude.

One really helpful piece of this puzzle is  Kickstarter is a fantastic website that helps all kinds of budding businesses to get off the ground.  I applied to the site last week and found out on Saturday that I was approved!  Yeah!  Here is the link...

I've already gotten a few major sponsors for my dresses and I hope to get more.  Please pass this on to all of your friends and family... no contribution is too little.  Thanks everyone!  I will keep you all posted as I go through this life changing (hopefully) event...


  1. Madeleine, you are a sweetheart.
    I am so touched... you have been so positive and supportive. So nice to have people like you in my corner :-)

  2. Yes! Everyone needs to support Stacy!

  3. Best of luck with your endeavors!


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