Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alexis Smart: Ethereal Flower Practioner Of Flower Essences

Flower essences, a base of spring water, a touch of brandy as preservative; not aromatherapy, scentless, drops under the tongue. The lovely Alexis Smart had walked into a shop called Healing Waters, a single sign in its window with the words "English Flower Essences." The ladies considered her - a broken heart, panic while driving, indecision - and told her to come back in ten minutes. She did and was sent home with a small bottle and the promise that she'd feel better in two days and in three weeks feel healed, renewed. And so it was. She read everything she could find and, having bought her own kit of 38 remedies, experimented on her friends ... and the flower essences helped them too. She became a Flower Practioner and lived happily ever after. Well, this is a version of a fairy tale, her own special  story.

Olive, crab apple, honeysuckle and gorse for beauty; olive to restore radiance, gorse brightens and instills hopefulness, crab apple frees you from obsessions with imperfections and honeysuckle to remove sad memories and restore you to you.

So many other remedies and Alexis will make what you need, in a beautiful and special way.

Alexis Smart Flower Essences website here.

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