Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You Are Cordially Invited ... by Refashioner.com - And You Will LOVE This

Kate Sekules favorite garment is "a kind of highway woman's swagged coat dress from 1986." That piece was very early John Galliano, a piece that is so beautiful (the word could be tired when used with anything other than early John Galliano; it simply belongs to him) my breathing catches when I think of it. If you understand that about her, and agree that "clothes are not neutral for us who love fashion - they're little friends you've lived with for years, or fallen in love at first sight with, or had to have, even if it's the wrong size," you will sit down a little more slowly to use the following invitation to her site that she's  set up to be a sort of micro-economy.

The pictures of pieces that are gone are up - I love that. It's not all vastly vintage, just a delicious mix of the pieces you always wanted and somehow let slip through your fingers. The photography is simple, just the way you want to see a garment. It all passes through her editor's eyes and is very personal, many pieces with short stories. The Pauline Trigere soft yellow dress and scarf comes from Ms. Trigere's fit model. Ms Trigere has always been a sort of role model for me in fashion and life - impossibly American casual elegance and her business meant the world to her. But in her earliest days, when just staying in business would have been intensely challenging, she fell in love with a Picasso and it became hers. That kind of passion touched me.

The pieces in order are Ms. Trigere's yellow ensemble,  YSL Dali-esque heels (sigh),  Christian Dior dress with that nipped in waist and sash, Dries Van Noten's sleeveless print dress, and a Miu Miu (perfect, so perfect) bag.

This is a wonderful world Kate has created. And you are cordially invited ... simply email membership@refashioner.com with your reasons for wanting to join. As I have done for the sheer unadulterated pleasure of  lounging through some of the memories of fashion.


  1. What a great selection! I'm imagining myself in that Dior dress carrying that beautiful white bag.

  2. I LOVE this new idea and the website. The clothes speak for themselves in this wonderful girlfriend personal way. Just like your favorite friends throwing their own closet open to you, a mix of this season and that, right and why did you. LOVE it wildly. Dying for the baby yellow Trigere; her brother Robert briefly had a Gunn Trigere boutique on Rodeo. He was witty and wonderful and it was as close as I ever got to Ms. Trigere, who really is my personal fashion idol. Give it all up for a piece of art you simply cannot live without.


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