Saturday, July 3, 2010

Talking About It - Another Way To Communicate oops, the fword too

Maybe because I've been looking for a (small as it turns out) house near the beach that my dogs and kittens and Jackson and I can fit in, I'm been glum. There was the middle of the night trauma drama nightmare where we are all living in my car in my driveway. Since I have an '88 Mercedes 560SL which is a two seater, this is kind of horrific.

I did find something on a walk street in Venice two blocks from the beach. My piano won't fit, there's no garage to stuff things I'm not ready to give up and the closets are old time small. Beach cottage and I love it.

I've watched the iPhone-Evo video over and over and think in the age of recession not-recession it's good to laugh. Agenda Inc posted the Joseph Campbell Looney Toons video which is kind of wonderful too.


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