Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Patricia Von Musulin Lucite Bracelet Was So Beautiful

Obsessed with black, obsessed with Baskin Robbins chocolate fudge ice cream: nothing has changed. I'm terrible at organizing photos and when I read that you can send all your photos and slides to companies who will scan and then make neat dvd's you can upload to your computer, I sent am overflowing bankers box. Bankers boxes filled with photos just beginning to curl, some sticking together and a general mess: somehow there's a dust and fix feature on the equipment that normalizes saturation and contrast somehow. Alchemy maybe. Five weeks later the originals are shipped back neatly lined up with two dvd's.

Uploaded onto my computer and laptop, and copied to external hard drives, the photos are memorialized and I hope quite safe. No more moisture problems or three stuck photos, one at least which will be destroyed no matter how gently you peel them apart. Pictures are just like songs - memories that come rushing back. That "and what I wore was" thing remembered.

I stopped when I saw this picture. All in black except for the yellow sling on the black flats and then the bracelet. Patricia Von Musulim creates sculptures and somehow they are bracelets. It's missing in the way one or two socks go missing in the laundry; I've looked everywhere and wishing hasn't brought it back. Here's a link to her wonderful things ...

Maybe another cup of chocolate fudge ice cream at Baskin Robbins will jar my memory. I know I took it off that night.

"and what I wore was black"


  1. Black is also my favorite color. Very interesting collection.

  2. Stop... stop taunting me. I just LOVE her. I've been obsessed with one of her lucite rings I saw on Luisaviaroma. I did what I always do... print the pic and put it into my "I want" pile. There are a lot of things in that pile :-)

  3. You're so funny. I had a file called "pretty pictures" - I tossed it, just too many things. You're in NY, they must have sample sales occasionally. So classic and touchy-feely - or are you talking about chocolate fudge ice cream.

  4. What a wonderful photo darling, it brought a smile to my face.
    Her jewelry is wonderful.
    Happy weekend ahead.


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