Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moving: Ten Things Not To Do and One Thing You Will Love

1. Maybe you really shouldn't move.
2. Maybe you should just leave everything, lock the door and forget about it.
3. Maybe you should postpone the move for another six months.
4. Maybe you should admit that the movers will slightly damage about half of your favorite things, lose about one eighth of your favorite things and forget the rest because the boxes are still on the sidewalk (are they really still there?) and the lady next door to you just posted about free things on the curb on Craigslist.
5. Maybe you should throw away your toothbrush, hairbrush, perfume and vitamins because it was the first box left on the sidewalk and the first one taken away for "curbside, free.' Throwing it away instead of hunting ever more desperately for the box you really, really need.
6. Maybe you should laugh when your mover promises not to go over $_________; he belongs to a secret society that has pledged to find reasons to double the guaranteed quote.
7. Maybe you should wear black leather to speak to your landlord because that nice accommodating person that showed you your new home is a member of another secret society that pledges to break every fourth window sash cord and then say you can move, can't make you happy. Black leather, especially those fabulous '80's Claude Montana coats with shoulders about the size of your new front door, allows for a level playing field. You know about people who wear black, don't you?
8. Maybe you should accept that the lights in the fixtures will have been removed and you and the movers will fumble through darkness and moon shadows.Oh and they took the toilet paper too.
9. Maybe you should accept that the boxes and packing paper will not be accepted by a "free, curbside" Craigslist post. And they won't fit into the recycling bin either.
10. Maybe you should accept that the cable person, utility person and security person are also members of yet another secret society and that they will honor their pledges to wait until you must walk your dog to tap on your door, sigh in regret as they leave a "sorry I missed you, call for a new appointment" note.

However there is a new business in West Los Angeles on Santa Monica Boulevard, near Cafe Fifties and those amazing old-school milkshakes: Lucky Feet. Indeed.  The kind fingers and warm water, the endless familiar looping on a flat screen TV of Godfather, the chairs that recline ... you can live through your move happily.

Lucky Feet is an amazing open room with quiet and lovely people waiting to soak your weary feet while rubbing your head and shoulders and then gently lifting one supine limb at a time to caress and wrestle the stress caused by the M word right out of your mind. The opening price of 25.00 an hour is so pleasant that you may begin calculating how many hours you can afford to live there. It's immaculate and attractive. At capacity there could be perhaps sixteen people relaxing in their own area in the commodious room; at no point does it feel public.

It's a wonderful thing and may I say that Lucky Feet is sufficient reason to move here.

Dear Lucky Feet, Thank you for being there. Happily ...


  1. I feel you - moved seven times in three years. The only way I'm moving out of here is in a box.

    My feet are feeling lucky - meet you there this weekend?

  2. Lucky lazy feet, it's really heaven. We have to starve a little, sigh; there are maybe thirty different old-school milkshakes next door with three or four kinds of fries. The most comforting wonderful block in LA.

  3. Oh gosh, I'm stressed out just reading this. I can only imagine how you feel! I do love Claude M. though! And old-fashioned milk shakes!

  4. I do know that other people manage to move and carry on with their lives. Sigh. I have failed lovely moving completely.

  5. We should have Lucky Feet
    in England to be fair.
    Would solve wars and things
    if only there were one of these
    on every corner :(
    Just Passing,


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