Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lindsey Needs A Little Room

Riff ... nothing to do with fashion really.

I can't imagine what it's like to be a celebrity with a headline grabbing addiction and facing lock down time. In this case, Ms. Lohan is everyone's child, not a poster child for anything. Addiction is horrific and sadly so many of us have loved someone caught up in it as we watch helplessly.

Not everyone gets the help the need. Sometimes help looks too hard to endure - prison, hospitals, year long recovery programs, detox.

Ms. Lohan is a beautiful girl, an extraordinary actress. The public is not entitled to gloat over the sadness of what is going on now. The attention grabbing headlines castigating her are shameful, each and every ugly letter is wrong.

Addiction is pure pain for everyone. Kindness and caring are the basic requirements. Can you imagine if your child was lost in this sadness and people made these crass and cruel remarks?

I respect the struggle she will go through and hope she comes out well, beautiful, strong and employed.


  1. You could have not put this better.

    Personally I think sometimes we forget celebrities bleed,hurt and feel too.

    She has made a catalog of errors but so we all fall down and lose our way sometimes.

    I think we all need to remember that she is someone's sister, someone's friend,she is somebody's daughter.

    We need to try and imagine if it were someone we loved or cared for in her position.

    She is a talented actress and I hope that after the night there will eventually be daybreak and it's ensuing light for her.



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