Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lanvin and Home Depot ... What?

Lanvin's mood for its Fall '10 mens collection, Lucas Ossendrijver the designer, is raw, hand worked and very rare. Not many of the hand knit duffel on top will be available, a few for Lanvin boutiques in Europe. The work is extraordinary and absolutely is heirloom as well as virtually indestructible. Hand pieced and knitted from over twenty seven hundred feet of hiking rope. It's so amazing, more art than craft, and so labor intensive that the price becomes reasonable as you dwell on it. 5500 Euros is a lot of money, heaps of money actually; the duffel is priced at its intrinsic value, a very fair arrangement. There will never be, should never be, a similar bag - it's that defined and special.

I thought of it today as I walked through looming aisles at Home Depot (looking for redwood for a gate, hardware, wood screws too.) The eighth of an aisle of hiking ropes was simply too functional and evocative, deserving of more than being stuffed between knee pads and light bulbs. I retreated to lanes of wood (as pictured above), pondering why so many people were looking at lumber. I thought about the fashion capitals of the world and wondered how many men would be willing to wear the orange aprons that are the uniform at HD. I've spent hours imagining what things lined up in  hardware stores could be used for, not usually thinking about the objects' stated purpose,  and I think Mr. Ossendrijver may do that, too. The spindles of twine are so elemental and tactile; I wonder if they were a contender.

Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, in a conversation with Mr. Ossendrijver here.


  1. Now YOU in Home Depot would have been quite something to see! Pics?

  2. It was so awful, just a dull cavern spotted with staff in orange aprons and while there was lumber made out of wood, there was (shudder) plastic lattices and even plastic wood. It's the most horrible soulless place, oh dreadful. It could be so cool too.

  3. love love lanvin..

    thank you so so much for your sweet words about my blog..appreciate so much! always looking forward to your fashionable post all the time lovely! ;) xoxo


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