Saturday, July 3, 2010

If You're Blue And You Don't Know Where To Go To ...

"and what I wore" ...

I could wander through fashion weeks in any country, drifting through exhibitions, showrooms, hotel rooms, anywhere ...  letting my eyes and fingers drift through entire collections, a smile, a thank you and goodbye. The feel of the fabrics really tells all - it's right or wrong.  I think that's how buyers survive. It's right, it's wrong; it's in, it's out.

It's so hard to write about it. Pages and pages to tell the story of early Galliano bias cut crepe skirts and crepe de chine blouses with the sleeves curving in and high waisted skirts. A sort of a fashion fairy tale, being in Paris without a lease and hoping; everything felt new and yet I'd been there so many times with Charles.

Weaving the story together with the bits and pieces of my life and fashion, reams of pages later, the thing to bind the story still ephemeral, still only an almost. Two very good agents probably rolled their eyes as they each asked for cohesion, a chapter by chapter breakdown, a final edit.

Susan reminded me it's all Scruples (Judith Krantz wrote that book - fashion and friends and boyfriends - romance, jeopardy, the Oscars) and all about the memory of "and what I wore."

The perfect way to remember everything about my first buying trip, not quite understanding what to do - maybe x's next to a style that you want to order (not wanting to ask, of course). Halston must have sniffed that awkwardness.  Elsa Peretti with those sensuous silver belts of hers, Charles James lost in a cigarette and very quiet: not even knowing that this was totally fashion memorable.  Halston approached me, maybe with sympathy, maybe disdain, and plunked a gigantic black straw boater on me, stepped back nodding.

"And what I wore" was a mid-calf paisley cotton Sonia Rykiel dress, the sleeves very narrow, my shoes were YSL dark purple platform and for the whole trip, Halston's gift. Fashion ...


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