Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cane and Basket Supply: Old School and Good

The perfect antidote to Home Depot was meandering through Ramon's Cane and Supply, established 1934, searching for bamboo stalks to be cut into curtain rods. Bales of straw and raffia, piles of bamboo, heaps of basket making supplies, sheets of rattan, reed fencing: heaven.

Bamboo stalks twelve feet long are only 3.00 each and each cut .55cents. Very chic and breezy, perfect for miles of mosquito net or white canvas.

Link to website here.


  1. Loving it! You make shopping for curtain rods a chic adventure.

  2. You would love it. Basket frames and, uh, things to make baskets - can you imagine basket nights all over town to replace the lost knitting nights (Angelo's mom would patiently teach us while Helena whipped up a nice garlic pasta, crazy).

    Miss you.

  3. Your pix are great! And I just love that it's Ramon's Cane & Supply... sounds so authentic :)


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