Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Autumn Leaves and Hot Chocolate

Hello! This is my first stint of guest blogging so I hope I don't disappoint... This morning I woke up to such a grey day - where has the sun gone? I fear that lusting after winter layers has chased it away. Am really looking forward to the winter fashions this year - I think there is just more choice with winter layers. I like the Topshop autumn trends, the colours are just perfect!!

Here are a few little outfit choices I have made on Polyvore inspired by these gorgeous colours and looks.
Now I am greatly looking forward to Autumn and Winter and am not so fazed by the weather outside! Hope you have great days and if you enjoyed this blog post please check out my blog - www.fashionfantasist.blogspot.com

Best Wishes
Fashion Fantasist x


  1. i saw topshops lookbook and immediately fell in love with them! theyre to die for! love the pieces and the selections you picked out on polyvore :] love your blog!!


  2. Thanks for the heads up!
    I think this year i'll be
    doing the whole English
    Heritage look. Liberty
    scarves felt wool coats
    faux fur collars and riding
    boots. A/W 10, cant wait!
    Great Post. Passing by.

  3. beautiful even though i'm so not ready to look at fur!


  4. love love those loafers! hope you are well honey

  5. this looks great
    Please check out my SeraLuxe blog , with behind the scenes of my photoshoots, street style & my top picks –

  6. Hehe glad you have enjoyed this guest post :) :) Thank you for all the lovely comments and thank you In New York Paris Tomorrow for letting me guest blog!! xxx


  7. Huge fan of winter looks, though I'm still holding on to summer. Love all the Topshop trends (apart from the leather shorts perhaps) and great Polyvore sets!

  8. I never look forward to winter, but I always fancy winter clothes - Is that slightly schizo, don't know... But I love your choices!

  9. okey, wait...you bought JOOP!!?? ..hehe!

  10. I bit the bullet and bought that Alexander Wang sweater. Prettiest sweater I own, easily.


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