Sunday, June 6, 2010

Something Beautiful: Lena Erziak Very Good Bags

There are bags that you need and then those that you lust for. Oh there's a whole range of leather and exotic skins, pink snakeskin is so beautiful with the faux tortoise chain; leopard and tassels are my weakness and I simply couldn't make another selection. I think one could (sigh) almost not have any new clothes and one of these would make everything old delightful again. Accessories are forever, I think. Or as Ms. Vreeland would have said ... "Why don't you wear a leopard bag with everything?"

Lena Erziak website here. Everything is perfect here - the bags are made one by one with Leona and Hasna Erziak's meticulous attention to details in Italy. Simple luxury: that indefinable thing that is style and I think Ms. Vreeland would adore these too.


  1. Me thinks they look very much like they need to be Julie Anne's bags!

  2. Oh and mine. The last one, the pouch, meow meow.

  3. how cool! love a bit of leopard look!


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