Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Short History of Wishing My Washing Machine Well, Fried Green Beans And Fried Mac-n-Cheese And An Obscure Poem

Sears promised to ship seven boxes of parts for my broken washer; six have arrived in the last two weeks. The repairman will return when all the boxes have arrived.  Perhaps I am too glum about this but I have been wondering about the hand-cranked washer at the Gene Autry Museum. Jackson certainly loved it when he was little. He'd rummage through a basket of Western Cowboy clothes, putting on a pigskin vest and chaps, a cowboy hat and a red bandanna and grab a rope for lassoing something I don't remember. In the scheme of things not having a washer for a few weeks is completely unimportant; it was just there and I did take it for granted - but I would very much like to have it working again and soon would make me very happy.

It may be a coincidence that I've been more amused by small things this month. My iPhone pictures are not clear (it's a first generation phone, very old school) but it's so discreet for taking pictures in public. The menu is from Cafe Fifty; I'd never thought of fried green beans or macaroni 'n' cheese but there it is. There's a two column listing of milkshakes, also old school, served in a fountain glass with whipped cream along with five or six offerings of French fries, including a huge platter of wickedly good garlic fries, some come with onion rings. Chocolate milkshake with whipped cream: divine.

I'm not sure where the poem is from.


  1. Oh you don't even want to get me started on Sears right now! I'm seriously on the war path, and ready to go drown my frustration in milkshakes at Cafe Fifty!

  2. he is soooooo cute!!! hope the pieces for the washer arrive super soon!

  3. Love the wrangler! ♥

  4. Oh chocolate milkshakes, yes. Sears? SEARS?'s not world peace but there are so many sites listing all the issues people have and the frustration of Sears doing nothing.

    Jackson just stays cute, doesn't he?


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