Sunday, June 27, 2010

Papa Bear, Big Doggie Prejudice, Moving

Papa Bear is not small, no. He's rather like a living giant stuffed animal. A lumbering, gentle beast with brief bursts of enthusiasm. We have suddenly run into another kind of prejudice: big dog prejudice.

My wonderful original California bungalow is very simple, built in the '20's and the last round of modernization was in the '50's; certainly not grand. It's been cozy with its small fenced back yard, perfect for Papa Bear and me. It's a leased house that we've been in for four years and everything just fits, especially Papa Bear as it turns out.  I thought it would last forever but it cannot. The owners need to sell it and while I am trying to conjure gobs of money to buy it, it isn't likely. It's true that house prices are still depressed even by the beach, but there's only a handful to lease. These houses have become very rare with costs going up as much in percentages as houses for sale have come down. I've spent the last week looking and am dismayed and shocked. It's a kind of grieving period and I haven't accomplished very much and completely ignored blogging. 

There were several bungalows in Venice that included a qualifier about pets such as "under 25 pounds." Papa Bear is not in that category although he is of a far more glamorous variety than most smaller dogs. Strange how the debate over curvier models being on magazine covers and walking for designers has invaded my life.

Big dogs are beautiful too.


  1. Papa bear is GORGEOUS, and probably much better behaved than most small dogs (including Miss Daisy). I say we take to the streets and picket for equal dog rights! Meanwhile I'm crossing fingers, toes, and broken ankle that you get the down payment for the house.

  2. Poor broken ankle. I feel like the hapless maiden (yeah right, doubt I was ever one of those) tied to the railroad tracks while the evil banker counts his money. Or something like that. Maybe the Banksy will sell, maybe (hello, hello) the book could get bought next week, maybe maybe maybe ...

    Can't take the loft, as much as it's beyond wonderful. My "big" dogs are older and have dysplasia.

    Can't fool around chasing windmills today, sigh.

  3. Oh, the obstacles animal lovers have to endure. But it is so worth the love they provide. Good luck in your search. He looks like a lovely companion. I just want to hug him.

  4. big dogs are defo beautiful too! Oh i am sorry to hear that unexpectedly you are having to uproot from where has become home to you and Papa bear.

    I will be praying somewhere that fit perfectly in price,size etc



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