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Fashionista.com - On The Day Filene's Basement Basement Settled With Fendi for 2.5 Million Over Allegations The Retailer Had Sold Fake Fendi

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Could Balenciaga Sue BeyondtheRack.com For Selling Unauthorized Merchandise? (link to original article here)

It’s hard to keep track of the seemingly countless sample sale sites that promise designer labels and luxury brands at deep discounts. But can you trust them?
After hearing that La Lohan (red flag!) had purchased a “beautiful” Balenciaga bag at BeyondTheRack.com, reader Madeleine Gallay asked Balenciaga if the site was authorized to sell the luxury brand’s merch.

She got the following reply:
“Unfortunately, Beyond the Rack is not an official Balenciaga retailer. In order to guarantee an authentic Balenciaga product purchase, we recommend that you purchase from an official Balenciaga store or retailer.” Click on the image below to see the response:
BeyondTheRack.com countered with a tweet: “Even if not officially ‘authorized’, all we sell is authentic.”
Suspicious, no?
Blogger Vicky Sullivan had a similar experience wrangling with site Sassy City Chicks for selling what what she believed to be fake Fendi bags. “I didn’t actually buy the Fendi because I knew that there was no way it was real…it was fake immediately because it was too shiny and rough to the touch,” says Sullivan. Luckily, Haute Life PR, the company who runs Sassy City Chicks, has been responsive. President Isela Blair emailed Sullivan to say that her vendors “have never been accused of having fake merchandise,” and that she “takes this information very seriously,” and is looking into the allegations.
And as this morning’s settlement between Fendi and Filene’s illustrates, even established discount retailers like Filene’s Basement can’t always be trusted to sell authentic luxury brands–at least not directly from the retailer. Fendi settled with Filene’s Basement for $2.5 million over allegations that the retailer sold counterfeit Fendi, reports the AP.
Earlier this year, the luxury brand was awarded $4.7 million from Burlington Coat Factory and co-defendant Cohoes Fashion Inc. for violating an injunction which prohibited Burlington from selling Fendi without permission, according to WWD.
So what’s your take? Do you trust these lesser known sites?
We’ve reached out to Balenciaga and Haute Life PR and will update with any responses throughout the day.

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    Thank you for running the story I blogged about yesterday. It's so disturbing and unfortunately rather ordinary. These sites are unregulated and while some absolutely work with designers, many are less reputable and simply picking up on a trend. It often takes a while for the customer to know she's purchased a FAKE and unless the credit card company is alerted within 90 days, there's little help available.  InNewYorkParisTomorrow.blogspot.com

  • i don't know. the balenciaga email sounds like standard corporate jargon as they are very protective of their brand and rightfully so. i read the disclaimer on beyond the rack's site and it said something to the effect of the bags could be purchased from the manufacturer or from another retailer authorized to distribute the items. so it's possible that they could have bought unsold merchandise from another store like neiman's or saks. while i'm all for discounts, it you're going to drop that much money on a bag, maybe it's best to suck it up and pay full price from someone reputable. though it may cost more, at least you know you're getting a legit product. also i'm curious to know what's the going rate to get lindsay lohan to tweet about your company?

  • Good question! I'll look into that. Thanks Musings!

  • I read she was getting $10,000, and it immediately struck me as odd that Balenciaga, a brand said to not even let Fashion mags shoot their pieces unless it's a complete runway look, would let Lohan hock their goods. This article clears up the confusion.

  • I just received an email from Burberry - BeyondTheRack is NOT an authorized dealer of that either. 

    Very upsetting.

    Madeleine Gallay

  • Would the same standards be applied to vintage shops or consignment shops that re-sell merchandise? Also, where would they be getting the bags from in the first place?


  1. There are soooo many fake bags it's pathetic. I can tell that most of them are fake because at a glance, the workmanship is poor and the quality of materials used are sub par. Knock offs are bad enough when you KNOW they're a fake, but when somebody is really trying to pass it for the real thing... that's even worse somehow.

  2. I really like this blog, it is very elegant and has some sort of gentleness.

  3. Thank you so much. Gentle, yes ... Very interested in what you do.


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