Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Beauty Review: Dermacyte Oxygen Concentrate (It's wonderful but I worried all month about what to say if it wasn't: no more reviews thank you)

I'd thought one of the fun things a blogger could do would be to review products. Maybe that is true but not for me. I'd asked for samples from Dermacyte (link here to website) and was delighted when a brown box with a three week supply arrived. As I opened the box, it suddenly occurred to me that it could be just another company promising wonderful things and yet just as effective as anything grabbed from a drugstore shelf without thinking.

I am so so so relieved to say that this is a unique and amazingly wonderful product, something different than a better moisturizer or even those special spendy serums that are meant to be layered underneath. I opened the first blister pack and gently dabbed the silky white cream on my chin. The texture was a surprise, it did feel like I was applying oxygen to my skin. I do break down and have a facial every few years and had an amazing oxygen facial at Anastasia's in Beverly Hills a few months ago. It had been an appointment I almost cancelled because my asthma was out of control. There was irony in getting an oxygen facial when I could only wheeze and dream of taking a clear breath.

There's only a tiny bit in the blister pack and being used to gobs of moisturizer I'd thought they were stingy (it's actually the perfect amount), rather like those very spendy restaurants that serve itsy portions on desert plates and you need to get a hamburger when you leave. It's morning and night applications,  very refined pinky is better than thoughts of scooping it on. I was far more reserved with the bedtime application. It's rather like silk being brushed on your face, there's not a hangover of anything oily and sticky. Oxygen just imbued on your face, very clean and fresh.

The steroids prescribed to control asthma left my arms with fragile skin that bruises easily, a hard look would do. My dermatologist, Dr. Jessica Wu, gently touched my arms and reminded me that the damage will go away. She touched my face and said my skin was beautiful. I looked into her mirror and realized Dermacyte really was doing all the things that 200.00 creams promise. Oh Dermacyte.

The truth is that Dermacyte is unique and engaged in medical clinical trials. See notes here. One can satisfy the urge (am I the only one?) to put gobs of moisturizer over this because Dermacyte is silk oxygen heaven and not a moisturizer. I suppose one puts sunscreen on top of all that: I confess that I don't but I also don't sunbathe anymore. It's hard to believe that the good feelings from lying in the sun (hello Vitamin D) can and will harm you.

I love Dermacyte. It's something very beautiful.


  1. Sounds like a great product! I don't wear daily sunscreen, but I don't fry myself like I used to either :-) I think we do benefit from the little bit of sun that hits our skin while we run errands, etc.

  2. Oh yes, no more baby oil in the sun, sigh.

  3. Reviews are a 2 edged sword, aren't they? I think your review was written beautifully and the company should definitely supply you with 3 weeks more of their products.

  4. Sabine, I wish ... it's very expensive and I really wish. I was so surprised, expecting just another nice thing.

  5. Can you tell me how many applications (or pouches) come in the 3.2 ml packages. I haven't been able to find that informtion on the company's website. It's nice to see your review, I was (well, still am) kind of skeptical about this product so would like to try an the least expensive package but enough to be able to see if it actually makes a difference.

    Thanks you.

  6. I think they're just setting up the website - nice people but all the information should be up. There were 6 blister things in each pack. It really is that divine; I found two pods I'd misplaced and used them last night and this morning because I'm moving. It's a bit pricey as is but I have a feeling that they will repackage and come up with a better price. I honestly love it and if I could financially indulge I would. It did make a difference and I hope they give out samples - it is unique. Just sort of a cumulative glow and radiance, like younger skin naturally has. It doesn't life, erase, add fullness - just really healthier pretty skin.

  7. I tried the product based on your review. I have to say it works very well. I used creme de la mer before and now I'm going to switch to them. They now have two products under bottle. I do prefer the eye cream that I applied also on all my face. Just surprised bh the end result. As you said, the skin just seems much healthier. Love it. I hope they will reduce a little the price but since I'm moving from creme de la mer it is still in my price range I also wish they could do either a day cream or a eye cream with more product in it such as 1oz or 2oz:-))

  8. Dear Anonymous, you put it into much better language than I did. It's just what I felt - healthy, radiant skin without climbing mountains .. and so soft but clearly not a moisturizer either. Love the eye cream, wish there was more in the containers.


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