Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Awards

There's a lovely custom amongst bloggers: The Beautiful Blogger Award. Eilis Boyle, who writes the most beautiful blog - The Silent Storyteller - that really should be gathered into a book, nominated my blog two weeks ago along with The Persophone Post, Art Inconnu, Sunday Suppers, The Errant Aesthete, My Marrakesh, Abundance ... each so wonderfully unique. And so it is my turn to offer my nominations for the Beautiful Blogger Award, with thanks.

Beautiful and Poetic Designer Blogger Award

Beautiful Designer and Writer Blogger Award

Marian Kihogo
Beautiful Style and Smile BloggerAward

Jewels From The Roving Stove
Beautiful Style and Food and Stories Blogger Award

Wendy Brandes
Beautiful Jewels, Writing and Living Blogger Award
The Cherry Blossom Girl
Beautiful Photography and Fashion Blogger Award

Couture Carrie
Beautiful Fashion Layouts Blogger Award

Bloggers quickly find a community and within it one finds blogger friends. There are so many good friends and I am glad there is Bloglovin' to track them.


  1. darling what an honour to be part of this lovely and talented line up!
    Thank you so much M!

    Hope you are having a lovely day! happy midweek hun
    big kiss

  2. you may wanna check out my giveaway

  3. Thank you so much! I love that Roy from Coney Island is in my thumbnail. Ha!

  4. What... I'm so shocked and flattered. You need to give yourself a beautiful blogger award!
    Thank you dear Madeleine...


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