Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Awards

The title above this might be called a backlink since clicking on it will take you to another blog; the language of the internet is sometimes confusing.

One of the loveliest things that happens in the course of blogging is discovering other bloggers; some have created hauntingly beautiful, very evocative and stylized blogs. Eilis Boyle makes the most exquisite clothes that are shown in Paris and sold throughout the world. I don't remember if I discovered her blog, because of her collection or whether it was the reverse. It's delightful and whimsical and uniquely hers.

Thank you, Eilis, for including my very new blog that is still finding its voice in your nominations for the Beautiful Blogger Awards. It's wonderful to be included with the others who are incredibly unique.


  1. I think they have exquisite taste for finding and acknowledging you early on. I LOVE your beautiful blog!

  2. Gorgeous photo!
    Congrats on your nomination!


  3. I love this image. It is absolutely stunning. Thanks so much for stopping by, I'm happy to have found you as well. You have an impressive eye for style and the arts. I hope your Sunday is going well. =)

  4. That photo is beyond lovely!


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