Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Week Of Reflection, A Very Good Week

A week of reflection which was rather like an old black and white silent movie complete with pauses, subtitles and shaky cameras, special effects and dusty old things.

A week of neither blogging or resubmitting my book proposal with the chapter by chapter synopsis required.

A week of being awakened by playful kittens at four in the morning as they leap from my bed to windowsills and race in mad circles under my bed, becoming drowsy in the afternoon and letting time and intentions drift away.

A week of dreaming on ten or twenty essentials for fall 2010 yet wishing summer would come soon.

A week of taking unexpected pictures in random places.


  1. I am glad you have had a good week honey, I hope the chapter by chapter submission goes ok

  2. Wonderful week..I feel the time has come to renew and reflect. I've been slightly passive in my activities online lately...but it is important to let your heart dictate the rhythm and direction sometimes...

  3. That's a lovely thing ... letting your dictate rhythm and direction, letting some bits of neuroses go.


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