Sunday, May 30, 2010

Strumpet & Pink: "Her Rich Attire Creeps Rustling To Her Knees"

Black Swan, The Flower of Balay, Hunting Through The Ruffles and Garden of Delights (in order shown) are the names of these hand-made knickers. Melanie Probert and Lisa Z. Morgan created their company, Strumpet & Pink (website link here), in '02 on the back of a tube ticket.

There are delectable, impossibly beautiful fantasies of silk, tulle, flowers, ruffles, seed pearls, chiffon, silk crepe ... seductive and sensuous. Each has its own hand printed calling card rather than a label. Perfection ...

Breathtaking. Available at Kiki de Montparnasse, Faire Frou Frou and and of course They will be at Kiki de Montparnasse in New York next week.


  1. so so cute! love that underwear's! adorable! just like Dita would wear too!

  2. Oh Dita would be so perfect in these. I'm just so happy these beautiful hand-made delicacies exist.

  3. Is this lingerie or art? In dire need of updating my under garments!

  4. "wearable art" ... and fairies come to rinse and pat dry. can you imagine ... so beautiful.

  5. wow... these are sexy! and i adore Kiki.

  6. these are GORGEOUS!!! each one is breathtaking! Adore!

  7. Oh. my. god. these are incredible.


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