Saturday, May 29, 2010

Something Beautiful: Soft Maybe Blurred Photography

Sometimes the photograph that is too soft, the one that might have been a mistake, is the one that haunts you with its memories of something beautiful. Sometimes it's done in photoshop; maybe a Gaussian blur as I did with the white rose.

Ken Rosenthal did the first one, a split toned silver gelatin from The Water series. "Images that evoke time, place, people and dreams that are half-remembered."
Jennifer Shaw is next, The Camellia, an archival ink jet print. Soft, ethereal closeups of images shot with a Holga, a beloved "toy" camera.

Mark Arbeit, The Dance, a warm tone silver gelatin. A narrow depth of field, dreamy blurs that become more clear as you stand back; he assisted Helmut Newton and Irving Penn in the '70's,

Something beautiful, very beautiful.


  1. Really moody and wonderful .. Ken Rosenthal does amazing printing.

  2. these are wonderful. There is a beautiful sense of melancholy in the first images, that draws me in...
    Happy sunday beauty

  3. Love these photographs Madeleine! Love love love

  4. Oh, these are gorgeous. I love them. First of all, I'm a huge fan of black and white and these all evoke emotion. So beautiful.

  5. There is something about black and white that strips away sentiment and brings its own memories. I live with the first one ... it's so beautiful and haunting.


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