Sunday, May 2, 2010

Something Beautiful: Dawn Clements at Acme Gallery, Los Angeles

Dawn Clements, Homesick, is in the front room at Acme Gallery in Los Angeles until May 30.

Gouache intricate patterns and designs with scribbles penciled, faint moments remaining. Patterns and colors and small cluttered places that should be familiar but are suddenly revealing of things not remembered.

“They are places, no matter how beautiful and wonderful they may appear, that are incarcerating of all these characters. The doors may be unlocked, but somehow the women can’t walk out the door.”

Her work is large in scale and intimate, interior in all ways. Her work in currently on view at the Whitney Biennial as well. I only wish it were on view on my walls: I have gotten lost staring at the small details on a large scale.

Acme Gallery Los Angeles link here.


  1. This is beautiful... I love how at first glance it just resembles a collage and when you take a closer look you realize how much detail is involved. As you said, it's wonderful to just get lost in them. Wish I could see this in person!


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