Sunday, May 9, 2010

Something Beautiful: Chad Attie "Snow White and Friends"

Sometimes you fall in love with an artist's work as I have with Mr. Attie's "ghosts of childhood." Imbued with myth and beauty and the magic of knowledge: art as poetry, kind and telling.

"Childhood imagery is an ever-evolving theme and an ongoing tension in all my work. The tension is a pivotal one between a powerful desire to return to the state of childhood innocence and the complicated impossibility of this desire, particularly in a world that seems increasingly post-innocent.

In my newest work, The Princess Paintings, I have tried to reinterpret the concept of the princess in children’s fairy tales.  The idea for these paintings came while reading fairy tales to my children; I was instantly struck by the violence and absurdity of the images and messages.  I found myself changing the content and language of stories as I read to them for fear of how they would react to the brutality and insensitivity.  Physically manipulating books of fairy tales seems like the perfect means of exploring the sadness, beauty and often shocking messages contained in these classic stories.  By using drill bits on the books and burning into the contents, I am attempting to explore the controversial themes and nature of these stories.  The consequently marred and altered princess figures more closely convey the deeper paradoxes put forward in these tales. Tattered princess dresses and gauged fairytale surroundings can been seen as a more realistic view of contemporary life experience."

Chad Attie "Snow White and Friends" Exhibition at Frank Pictures Gallery May 15 - June 16.


  1. Her work is childlike innocence meets dark all at once.
    She is a talent.
    Thank you for sharing this

  2. wishing you a lovely day


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