Saturday, May 15, 2010

Riff ... or Raff ... Spam Lucky Winner Emails: WHY???

Dear Lucky Winner,
Your lucky email address on Prize claim Approval #: KIASOULXX72/2010
has won you cash prize of £550,000.00 British Pounds Sterling and a KIA's
brand new 2010 Soul Car.
Please contact the claims officer for more information.
Contact: Mrs. Nicole Johnson
Via Email:
Call Tel No.: +447035957831
Ensure to Provide Her with your Full Name:( )Tel:( )Sex:( )Age( )
Marital Status:( )Occupation:( )Country:( )Approval
#:(KIASOULXX72/2010) ** NOTE: Forward All replies concerning your
claims should be sent to e-mail:
Where do these come from and why? Are there people who actually riff through their Spam folders searching for the Nigerian prince who wants to share his Swiss bank account with someone, the Rolex watch at 39.99 and the Lucky Magic Ticket? I have glanced through my Spam and am not interested in magic weight losses, magic enlargement of anything, do not want intelligent and beautiful companions, not even diplomas from elite medical schools.
I delete my spam and trash nightly. I know Gmail will eventually do it for me  but it troubles me to have it as much as it would a stack of real mail of spam. 
I simply do not understand. By the quantity of spam deleted nightly, it would seem there are people riffling through their spam of the day and sending it right back to their inbox.  Or maybe there's just an errant flock of computers creating this and no one is in charge.
And why did this one go directly to my Inbox? 
I wish there were another option besides delete such as return to sender.  

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  1. spam is awful.I get so much of it to my annoyance.
    happy weekend darling


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