Sunday, May 16, 2010

Frances Poulton: Third Year Fashion & Textile Student - Part One

Frances posted a picture of of her toiles neatly lined up on her blog (link here). And then photos showing the hand stitching of tapestry panels on her waistcoat (link here.) I asked whether she would let me blog about this with some of her pictures; the process of creation and the work process has always fascinated me. Her progress is too good to distill to a handful of photos and so this will be a small series, culminating in her class presentation.

I love this group of pictures showing the references and beginning, the detail of creation. 

It's a custom based in reality that designer notes included in press packages address the inspiration for the collection. Sometimes it's a look back or forward, sometimes it reflects a somber or exuberant mood, often the reference is ephemeral, just a hint of  China red or a cinched waist or a certain drape. The language of fashion is sometimes difficult to dissect or read. In the process there is respect and understanding, even kindness. The language of fashion is in the toile, the pins, the draping, the hand sewing, the cut.

Mixed into this is the discipline of a design course, an understanding of textiles and the presentation at the end of the school term. 

The beginning of fashion ...


  1. how, cool! i know her, i know her! dear Twitter Friend, hehe! ;)

  2. twitter friends ... very happy she's promised to send show pictures.


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