Thursday, May 27, 2010

Facebook and The Poke

Back in the days of dial-up 101, there was a rather distant voice dully announcing that "you have mail." It took forever to load and made bidding on eBay an adventure: how long would it take for that (fake) Hermes, authenticity guaranteed, picture to reveal itself.

The 'net did get faster, leaving crashed p/c towers and big, fat, high priced external hard drives piled up next to a basket of faded cell phones; incrementally, everything became smaller.

Facebook came along and for awhile it was sort of the anti-MySpace; not very cool and relegated to a place in the vicinity of LinkedIn.

Things change exponentially. I think the average time spent on facebook is now two hours a day. Lots of friends, some you even know. Facebook is ever so helpful in suggesting friends, reminding you that you haven't written on someone's wall for too long. And then there is the option to poke.

What is a poke? What do you do when you've been poked? I poke back politely most of the time but always with a sense of not understanding. If someone poked me on the street, I'd be quite cross. It's an odd thing and why is it there?


  1. I think poking is there, so you can virtually harass someone without getting sued ;-) I gave up on Facebook, because I honestly didn't have the time for it anymore.

  2. hehehe i love this as i have wondered for ages about the poke! Maybe it is me who has my mind in a gutter but it sounds faily x-rated too to make things worse!


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