Friday, May 7, 2010

About Mother's Day ... Possibilities

Sunday is Mother's Day. 

The bouquet grabbed from a pail at the market is bearable, breakfast and coffee in bed sort of obligatory and then brunch with the family, maybe a movie and popcorn. Nice, nice but ...

Thinking past the must-do's, a very subjective list.

Sleep as late as desired and maybe watch a stack of movies in bed, a thermos of good coffee on a tray

Every book on the New York Times best seller list neatly heaped in a basket or downloaded to her iPad with that fabulous keyboard

Hand written letters saying I love you

Control of the clicker all day

Happy Mother's Day written in sidewalk chalk

Consider ... flashmob.


  1. Judith Dan-Madison
    Every day my guys are alive and happy is Mother's Day for me! I celebrate in my heart daily! I need nothing more.

  2. Ah. Happiness, yes. Sleeping late is a good thing, too.

  3. Judith Dan-Madison
    Impossible for me to sleep late! I do not get out of bed early, I read, surf, email. Lazy is nice.


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