Saturday, April 24, 2010

Walking Not Driving

Summer time and Happy Earth Day. Walking not driving slows everything down from frenetic days of multi-tasking and a desktop cluttered with too many open tabs.  Luscious green grass helped by spring showers and sunny Saturday runners near the beach. Papa Bear sniffs every tree slowly, savoring something I don't understand while I look around. Two men have decided to wrestle on a blue gymnastics mat; they are ignored. People smile at Papa Bear and ask if they can pet him. We are both quite happy.

The flora and fauna are crayola colors with sunlit bursts, swaying in an ocean breeze; too vibrant to ignore, demanding attention like the prettiest girl in the room. My reverie is interrupted by a German Shepard without any manners and a preoccupied owner who seems to have his cell Krazy-glued to his ear. He waves his hand idly as his death on a leash growls with his fangs wide open, spitting with demented pleasure. Papa Bear and I walk away leaving a snarling dog and a careless man alone.

I need a floral skirt, a hot pink tshirt, green havianas and a straw hat with sky blue flowers pinned to it.

I'm happy in this place.


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