Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh No, My "Blogs I Love" Dropped Two Of My Favorites and I didn't even know.

Intuitive technology, easy peasy. Well, not quite. My blog is having its way not my way and I suspected nothing. Apparently blogs can reset themselves (last week I would have written "itself") and change their settings without leaving its binary footprint. 

In the last several days, I discovered that it wished to eliminate comments, rearrange photos to a rather random grid of its own choosing while showing a more orderly vertical arrangement in its preview but the coup de gras, the big deal, the whole enchilada that made me gasp in horror was the deletion, mean thing, of my two favorite blogs. 

I fought with the blog settings and restored the comments. Sadly disqus doesn't know why it will no longer show the number of comments. I wondered for a moment whether disqus and my blog had schemed together but of course that could not have happened. There is a certain detente at the moment in the matter of photo arrangement. It seems I am to edit the layout four or five times before it remembers its settings, although the while feigning compliance. The Blogs I Love setting was a small battle as well; it did not "save" when I pushed save, not for the first two attempts anyway. I did not give up, no. It took three prods of a sternly pushed "save" and so it did.

I must apologize for the very poor behavior of my blog. It has been warned (so to speak) that it is in danger of being, umm, terminated and replaced with, gasp, by Wordpress. I think a stern warning and a hard glint in my eye and the "W" word should suffice for now. and - I am so so so happy that your wonderful blogs are back on my Blogs I Love list. 

Oh and my deepest thanks to the patient and wonderful Lucy Beer,, for her help.


  1. Eilis Boyle
    thank you!

  2. Blogger run amuck and on you and Julie Ann, grrrrrrr.
    Wordpress is clearly a possibility.


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