Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Limi Yamamoto, Designer : Fall 2010

Limi Yamamoto, designer. Her work is artisan, craft, work that is intricate and of a refined beauty that is not quiet. Coats and jackets magnificently tailored, draped to touch the body, poetry and sensuality and grace. Compelling because the bedroom hair, the models without makeup, the sturdy walk only enhance the utter femininity.

One accepts that she is Yohji's daughter. The collection is hers, her hand not his.  Her understanding of how fabric feels and moves on a woman.  Limi is not in anyone's shadow. She is charming and open.

Yohji came to Paris with Rae in '81, those moments of black and one size and savage beauty shattered and prodded, intellectually and the clothes provoked. Black has always been the new black and moving past that we can look at the collection of Limi Feu and appreciate something beautiful, something fine.

Limi Yamamoto ... 


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