Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jessica Simpson Is Just Naturally Beautiful

Really I don't think about Jessica Simpson, never delighted by the bright covers of Us, People, Ok and that ilk that scream headlines in hues of loud and louder at the market check-out line. One absorbs the latest covers and tabloidectics with the same interest as a walk through the flour and hamburger helper aisle. There and forgotten.

Marie Claire May '10. Hello Jessica. You are amazingly beautiful.

Love a good red lip, even a gentle pink one, a smoky eye is seductive and I would give anything to master it. Love silky straight hair and love Botticelli curls, love beachy waves and undone braids.

Beauty should not be a problem. I think there's a prayer of thanks for it. I'd like to collect all the pictures of beauty, all the sizes and colors of beauties, and gather it in a book for children. Maybe a textbook and children could do a report on beauty, become used to it, appreciate all its forms and maybe maybe maybe we could simply accept beauty.

"Beauty is not caused. It is." Emily Dickinson

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  1. Joy Miles Gimbel
    one must admit, on their so bad cheesy its good honemoon show, she was true a beauty with little to no makeup on during the camping episode... oh god im so embarrassed to know this, smiley face!


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