Sunday, April 25, 2010

JADEtribe : Something Beautiful, Something Very Good

There really is a fashion train and for some it's Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo and beyond. Twice a year at minimum, elbows out and weighted down with laptops and camera bags, tottering in stilettos, and fashion du jour.

Kimberly Hartman simply stepped off.  My coolest friend, the one who scooped up the YSL Mombasa bag just as it was unpacked, casually threw her JADEtribe bag - the second photo - over her shoulder, kissing me goodbye after a too quick lunch last week.  I gasped, thinking this was one of her insanely spendy fashion It-bags.  Better, much better than that.

"I produce in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. I met amazing women in each of those countries in my initial travel and developed my first samples with the local artisans. The amazing Lao Lu tribe women grow cotton and organically dye and weave the textiles for me. It is truly remarkable. I also recycle traditional tribal costumes from Thailand and repurpose them into bags.

I just hope to keep designing and selling handbags and jewelry so I can keep visiting my amazing clients all over the world and keep my lovely ladies in Asia working and earning money so their lives and the livelihood of their families continue to prosper."

JADEtribe link to website here.


  1. I love jadetribe!! Now I love them even more great story.

  2. Judith Dan-Madison


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