Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gigi Burris and The Craft of Hats : Something Beautiful

"I  have always loved headpieces,always wearing bows and headbands when I was younger, and consistently sketched designs complimented with a hat during my early training at Parsons. It wasn't until I studied in Paris, that I realized my real connection with hats and headpieces, and the want to preserve a somewhat dying art. After returning to New York I chose to really study the craft of millinery through a course at Parsons, and an apprenticeship with a local couture milliner. I graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons in May of 2009, and the seven look senior thesis collection I presented included a couture hat with each look. This collection led to the nomination of Designer of the Year, and I noticed the strong reaction to the delicate hats I had presented. 

I am inspired by surrealism, a strange dark sense of femininity, and a sense of irreverency. Witches, swamps, bows, veils and feathers are constantly on my brain when creating the one of a kind hats. Elsa Schiaperelli is my idol, and I often pay homage to her humor.  I find so much joy in creating each one, it really is about the process of laboring by hand. I love to work to classical music, my previous studio was shared with my best friend Niia,  a classical pianist, and she would play nocturnes while I worked, now I have to settle with Chopin coming from my I-pod. "


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