Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful Smokey Eyes and Red Lips : I Wonder How It's Done

On the other hand, so beautiful and refined, more so in black and white: the classic smokey eye and red lips, hair just so. I think it holds it own against the gentle, natural beauty of Jessica Simpson, soft light and wavy hair.

But perhaps not easy to find a soft, fat kohl crayon that's smudges just so. Sephora is usually packed, and wandering through remnants of perfume clouds last time made me sneeze and choke and leave empty handed, glad for the air outside on a windy day. My one drop of Shalimar was lost in the mingling that clung to my clothes. I thought about driving to a shopping center, a department store, parking lots and escalators and turned back. Thinking that this could be done online and staggered at the quantity of almost rights, too confused to pick anything. And red lipstick that's so tempting in a black and white world ... well, sometimes I've wiped off something more natural because it looks too colorful. Back to my secret stash, a swipe of A&D ointment, elbows, lips, feet. Missing that old Chanel black fat perfect crayon.

I will try again. Mac is so glam and all those gorgeous displays without perfume clouds, Benefit's own shops are so happy.

I wonder what the best way is to find "your" products.


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