Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ten Ways To or Eleven Favorite or Seven Essentials ... well

If essential lists could save the day, turn us into efficient and gracious people who had that much more time, style, opinions, gave a bit of a clue as to what to do/have/read/wear and there were ten times fewer .... I couldn't resist my own quirks posited here.

1. There's too many mascaras - toss them. Latisse, check the internet for the best prices, is amazing. That and a nice, soft darkish mascara such as Maybelline (I know,  huh?)  Full & Soft or Soft & Full.

2. My dermatologist - do get one, maybe that's number one of all things, that and health insurance, told me that you do not, repeat do not, get what you pay for when you pay the most for skin creams that claim magic properties and results. Get a prescription for Retin-A and glycololics which do magic*, a bit of laser for clarity and I'm not sure at all about IPL - one should see something besides a new appointment jotted down. La Mer is satisfying in the way that chocolate pudding is and do use it if you love the spendy creams. It's divine. But, sigh, remembering my dermatologist's advice, one could do as well, it's incredibly and divinely true, with Olay Regenerist products. If you love books, you probably already have Amazon Prime where nice boxes are sent to you second day air free for a year. What I didn't know was that Amazon sells just about everything and if you subscribe to Olay, they deep discount it another 15%. And so far no sales tax. Deep, deep savings for the next step.

3. Needle beauty - Radiesse, Restylane, Juvaderm, Botox - it's a gentle way to look like yourself. It is not, really not, necessary to do trout lips or essentially airbrush life away. I hate the silly names for wrinkley places - crow's feet, marionettes, bunny nose, naso-labial this or that. Killing that frown space between your brows should be a rite of passage and does not stop you from a quick eye roll or elevated brows. Crevices are for the earth, not your face. Fill away, lots of money, little red spots and maybe a little swollen. Ask your doctor if there's any way it can cost less, you love it but sigh, it's so pricey. Maybe.

4. Do not order those two samples of teeth whiteners that out-of-work mother of two claims changed her  life. The companies are under investigation for fraud and working your credit card statements into a frenzy; people have been billed hundreds of dollars for shipments that won't stop. Floss. Floss again.

5. Smile at everyone you run into unless they are scary and then look at the ground, have your keys in your hand and know where there are other people.

6. Don't buy into that "if you haven't worn it for a year, get rid of it." Oh please. There is no reason to get rid of things that are cared for and of reasonable quality. I have two Gary Graham chiffon dresses bought at 75% off. I'm not sure when I'll wear them again but I will. Examine everything once a month like CSI might. No stains, pulls, faint odors, shoes that look worn. Fix them, take care of them, no wire hangers and no dry cleaner poly bags. Those skinny velvet hangers are not as nice as fat satin padded ones, not at all. But you can have twice as much with the velvets. Everyone gets those 20% off coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond. Use them.

7. Most businesses will give you discounts for carrying around their plastic discount card. Use the same number and manually plug it in. Your wallet will look nicer.

8. Don't sit and fret. Wash your sheets and towels and see how soft they become.  Make a new bed up and imagine how divine it will be when you slide in. Strangely, anti-allergic feather beds and pillows are softer than the real thing and cost less. Divine.

9. Set up a tweetdeck and news/fashion/medical subscriptions. You don't even have to tweet but it's even faster and more select than your home page.

10. Do your own nails and toes but pay someone to take care of your pet's grooming needs if they weigh more than a roast chicken. They're your boon companions and you'll both feel happier.

*Maybe you don't need it but if you have skin problems, you and your dermatologist must know what to expect and what to do - including being incredibly careful about the sun; you will turn into a lobster with dry skin if you don't heed all warnings. Lighter the better. Even doctor's own magical potions can wreak havoc if you use too many products. Less is more, buy more clothes. Happiness.


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