Monday, March 1, 2010

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2010

Mr. Cavalli  showed in Milan last week; his forty years in fashion noted. Glamorous and sexy lady clothes; more beautiful, I think, not on the runway where the models looked overdressed, overly done and maybe that took away from this presentation. The chiffon and silk, leather and lace ... exquisite and finely made.  Mr. Cavalli loves women and it shows in his lifestyle and in his fashion sensibilities.  And one by one, as a buyer gently moves the hangers to examine each sample, these are breathtaking clothes. 

And maybe that is the conundrum. Apart from the milieu of celebrities front and center, the show is for press and buyers. Those first impressions, the hair and make-up, accessories, styling, music ... tweets will be sent and blogs written, some on the spot without ever touching any of the pieces. The video may even be streamed live; some to your iphone. Buyers will sort through their own thoughts and a cadre of press before showing up to write the collection. 

Fashion shows are theater and often very apart from what will be ordered for shops. It's a curious moment of incessant and instant fashion; the clothes delivered several months later.

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