Saturday, March 27, 2010

Phished Bothered & Back

Phishing is so annoying and yes I was phished and spent a week prodding and poking twitter to please let me have my account, mine mine mine. There's a very friendly form, a little Aldous Huxley in its polite binary concern allowing a space for "I feel ____________________." I politely filled in polite words but my thoughts would have shaken a pixel or two. Protestations to computers and somehow in time I won.

Coffee and perusing with pleasure and thought some of the tweets I came across should be memorialized before they disappear into tweet heaven ...

NYers, come to Saks 5th fl today from 2-5 pm for a chance to win a free Helmut Lang outfit and your pic on R29! See you there...

Retail Consumers Shop Across Channels, In-Store And Online: This past holiday season, 88% of consumers… #luxury

Emanuel Ungaro Owner Trying to ‘Rationalize Costs,’ Not Sell Label: Emanuel Ungaro,
fall 2010. Yesterday the… #luxury

If I ever receive confirmation that the end of the world is imminent, I'm going to eat a bowl of Cocoa Puffs...with half-and-half.

Krazy glue is CRAZY. Just stuck my fingers together.

It's 30 degrees in New York city, so don't think we have to put away our winter hats and gloves. Wear gloves all year like Karl Lagerfeld.

I have a desire to do great things today. Feeling super motivated (and no I did not change my coffee brand)

Fashion Pros Share...Sometimes Too Much
Designers and Retailers Are Embracing Twitter, but They're Still Figuring out the Rules; Promotions, Pets and Nudity
Do insects have hearts?

Time for a petite croissant therapy...


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